About Us

Under New Management

Welcome to the newly renovated Eltham Woods fish and chip shop in Eltham, Victoria where we are the new management team led by Cathie and her family. Cathie is a proud member of the Eltham community and has lived here for 30 years. Her love for cooking combined with her Greek heritage and family background in the fish and chip industry has inspired her to take on this new venture.

Our commitment at the fish and chip shop is to provide our customers with delicious and high-quality food using only the freshest ingredients. We take pride in our gluten-free options which are a big focus of our business and we are currently in the process of getting accreditation so you can trust that our gluten-free menu items are safe and delicious.

As a family of four we understand the importance of creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for our customers. We want our customers to feel like they are a part of our family and we strive to provide excellent customer service.

We are excited to continue serving the Eltham community with our delicious fish and chips and we look forward to meeting you soon. Thank you for choosing our shop for your next meal!